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Accepting others as they are, even when you disagree with them

Caring for others is wonderful, but when it comes at the expense of negative force, then it becomes destructive for both parties.

Negative force is not only physical. Negative force is also when you believe someone is doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing or creating an injustice for themselves, so you fill yourself with worry, try to change them, and so inflict that worry onto them too. See what I’m saying? There’s another alternative here.

My daily habits for understanding and enhancing self worth

It’s a fundamental right for humans to feel good about themselves and to feel loved, supported and strong with themselves. We can’t possibly show up fully and be our best for others if we don’t feel that way within ourselves. We can’t know true love with another if we don’t know it within ourselves, and more importantly we should want to feel that within ourselves. But I think a lot of people already know this, so the bigger question is if people know and agree with this belief, why aren’t they implementing it?

The real reason other people can’t deal with your sadness, and what you can do about it 

Dealing with mental health down times and sadness doesn’t have to be burden on you or your friends When you are going through a hard time, it can feel difficult to be around others and vice versa. One of the biggest challenges is feeling like you have to protect them from your troubles and reality, […]

Why does anything matter?

Why does trying to live my best life matter, why does trying to be the best version of myself for myself and others matter? These are some of things I catch myself thinking, and I’ll justify this thinking by convincing myself that things were operating just fine before. I especially try to convince myself of this when things get a little tough upon the arrival of a new challenging moment or task.